Jody Kriss has devoted his entire 16-year career to developing beautiful residential spaces in New York City. Starting right out of his undergraduate education, Jody has been instrumental in the financing and development of many properties, including some of the most desirable real estate in NYC. Jody has worked tirelessly for every company he has worked with and the list of projects he was instrumental to is long. He is a talented and tenacious professional.

Jody Kriss

Jody Kriss. Co-founder and Principal of East River Partners, LLC.

Jody’s work ethic didn’t magically begin once he entered the work force. His drive started early in his life and the allowed him to attend an Ivy League University after high school. Jody headed to Philadelphia to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he was accepted into the Wharton School of Business. Wharton is widely considered the best business school in the country. Wharton, founded in 1881, is the oldest business school affiliated with an institution of high learning in the world. The school was founded by Joseph Wharton, a Philadelphian industrialist and philanthropist. Wharton built his fortune with his Bethlehem Steel Corporation and American Nickel Company. In deference to Wharton’s legacy, the school selected for their official symbol an anvil — an acknowledgment of the metal industry.

Jody Kriss flourished while at Wharton and emerged ready to enter the work force. A Bachelor’s degree from Wharton is understood to be on-par with an MBA from a lesser school, so Jody saw no need for more schooling. In 1997, Jody graduated with an Ivy League education and a hunger to seek our success.

He took his first job out of school with the Athena Group as an Analyst and Project Manager. With the Athena Group he helped develop and finance 838 Fifth Avenue, a high-end condominium on Central Park at 65th street. Jody discovered his talent for high-end real estate development. Jody move on to several other companies, and in his wake he left beautiful new condominiums and other residential spaces in some of the most desirable neighborhoods of New York City, including Soho and Tribeca. Jody eventual was a partner at Bayrock Group, LLC. With Bayrock, Jody was a principal in a 47-floor hotel development as well as several other projects in the outer boroughs.

In 2010, Jody wanted to do more. He had seen the inner workings of several financial and real estate development firms and gained valuable perspective. It was through that mentality that he and colleague Joseph Cohen founded East River Partners, LLC. East River Partners goes about real estate development differently from many other companies. They have fully integrated the roles of investment manager and real estate developer. By having those typically bifurcated roles joined in-house, the team at ERP can create indelible value for their investors as well as building beautiful living spaces for renters and owners. East River Partners, with Jody’s leadership, have developed eight residential projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan, with a combined aggregate value of $100 million.

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